Thursday, November 14, 2013


I took a little break from blogging. Mason keep me EXTREMELY busy these days, so it's getting harder and harder to post.
But I do want to take a minute (maybe even two or three... Woah) to update on Stewart Happenings.
Riley is currently working on his coxswain (cock-sin) qualification. The coxswain is the guy in charge of the boat when they are underway. He drives the boat, runs the cases, and is over all the crew members. It's a big job, and there is a lot to know and a lot goes into getting the qualification. So Riley is hard at work with that. He was also given the new responsibility of LEPO, or Law Enforcement Petty Officer. Did I already post about this? Probably. Anyway, He is in charge of issuing, ordering, and maintaining all the weaponry on base. And other Law Enforcement stuff that I don't know anything about. It's a lot of added work, but he loves it.
I keep busy at home chasing a toddler (he is a TODDLER!) and taking care of my good friend's little boy three days a week. He is 8 months, so it's fun to be back in the baby mode, and its great watching and teaching Mason to be soft and share. I am also kept busy with my calling in the Primary Presidency. 
Mason is so fun! He just turned 14 months and is very active. He runs around constantly, and rarely sits still for long. He loves playing with his trucks, reading, doing puzzles, being outside, and chasing Bronx. He especially loves singing! He knows the actions to most of the songs we sing, but it seems like he is constantly singing his own little jibberish songs. And he jams in the car! Its the best. He started sleeping through the night a couple of months ago... Hallelujah! His favorite foods right now are Mac-n-Cheese, yogurt, applesauce, hot dogs (don't judge...), and raisins. We had a hard time getting him to eat a full meal in his high chair, so Riley had the genius idea of giving him something to dip with. And Mason looooves it! The kid will eat anything as long as he can dip. It's pretty funny, and I'm thankful he's eating so well now. Even if it means he is covered in ketchup when the meal is over!
He is also getting much more vocal. Over the past couple of months he has starting using more and more words. So far he has said Mama, Dad, ball, boo, please ("peeeese" so cute), baby, and hi.
I will try to be better about keeping the blog updated, but I'm not making any promises! Life is just so busy, in the best way. We are in such a great phase of life right now! Mason is learning new things and making us laugh every day. He is such a happy, sweet boy and has such a fun personality. I love that I get to spend every moment playing with him and watching him grow.

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  1. Summer loves to dip her food too!! She doesn't like pizza until she can dip it in ranch. And she only eats toast if she can dip it in her cereal milk?? Yeah that one is weird... but she eats all of her toast! Mason is sooo cute! And yay for staying busy with a toddler. I applaud you for watching another baby.... you are super mama!